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Missions to Israel

OKIE plans and facilitates at least one mission to Israel each year. Missions can be tailored to participants’ specific needs or requests.

General missions are open to all on a first come, first served basis.

Highlights of the mission experience may include:
  • Important Jewish and Christian religious and historical sites

  • Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Museum and Righteous Among the Nations memorial

  • Shabbat celebration

  • Floating in the Dead Sea

  • Trekking Masada

  • Israeli fashion house tour

  • Overview of Israel's high-tech sector

  • Chef's tour and tasting in the market, followed by cooking instruction

  • Five-star hotels

  • Chic cuisine

  • Winery tour and sipping

  • Visits with Israeli soldiers on-base

  • Briefings by high-level officials and industry leaders

  • Personalized tours based on interests

  • And of course... shopping!

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