Here's just a small sampling of the initiatives OKIE has particpated, started and supported. 


Carver-Nofarim Mifgash

Students have life-changing experiences in Israel!


Nanotechnology Venture Ready for Next Stage.

As previously reported, OKIE was the catalyst for the formation of an exciting, cutting edge medical company: Nanomed Targeting Systems, Inc. At the 2007 biomedical conference sponsored by OKIE and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Israeli businessman Alex Harel met Dr. Ken Dormer, an OU professor, medical researcher and a leading authority in nanoparticle medicine....


America-Israel Friendship League's Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) Program Is a Hit in Oklahoma

One year ago, Taylor Fogle, a high school senior from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, had the opportunity to meet young Israelis her own age and travel with them in the United States and Israel. She is convinced that, when it comes to news about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, it is wise to take all media reports "with a grain of salt."